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Junior Musical Explorers

Child with caregiver

Junior Musical Explorers is a wonderful new program for children ages 9 months to three years old. During the 45 minute sessions your child will sing, dance, improvise movement, play instruments and interact with their caregiver in a safe, loving and enriching environment. Using the elements mentioned above, we give your child and caregiver an interactive experience that will encourage their auditory and verbal learning, stimulate their curiosity and enrich their lives with music, fun, and play.

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Musical Explorers

Our program offers children ages three, four, and five an exciting exploration into music.

The piano is the primary instrument which we use to perform and teach. Your child will use acoustic and toy pianos to learn the fundamentals of music such as rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and melody recognition.

Children with caregivers playing

Through singing, dancing, story telling, improvisation, playing musical games and instrument playing, your child will discover the magical world of music and develop a life-long love and appreciation for music.

Our classes are small (no more than five children per class) so that each student can receive individual attention as well as enjoy group interaction with their peers. There are always two instructors in a class, one singing and playing with the students while the other is playing the piano. This interactive experience with live music is rare for young students.

Our program is a preface to private instruction on the piano when your child is older. We use toy pianos in our class to give your child the experience of playing a piano-like instrument to get them started and inspired for further study on the piano. However, we want all of our students to feel inspired to continue with music no matter what instrument they ultimately choose, so we also provide a free referral service to locally based, high-quality instruction in other instruments.

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Kid Komposers

Hands on the piano

Kid Komposers is an element that we in corporate as your child develops an understanding of music. Your child will have the opportunity to compose his or her own musical works with fellow little musicians. We encourage creativity while teaching the very basic structure of composition.