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Teacher with child

Our 5 year old son had a wonderful experience with Musical Explorers. Yoon is a warm and friendly teacher who guides the kids through the basics of music in an easy going and age appropriate way. Highly recommended!
Megan and Soren, parents of Eli, five years old

Musical explorers provides a perfect entree for children ages 4-5 into music--theory, rhythm, sound--through physical movement and playing percussive instruments, like pianos and drums, and other instruments like bells, maracas, and tambourines. The children really get into all elements of the class, often exploding in delight dancing, jumping and running to live music, learning about tempo and dynamics through using their bodies. Watching the children's (especially my son's) faces burst into giant smiles as they danced and played music sometimes made me tear up with joy. Yoon Choi and her co-teacher Elena Camerin show great patience and kindness and know how to instill a love of music in children of this age. Wisely, classes are kept small, allowing each child an opportunity to play various instruments, as well as listen to the teachers play music. Each class builds on knowledge and experiences from previous sessions, gradually introducing concepts that scaffold on one another. At the end of two semesters, the children had an elementary grasp of notes, the musical alphabet, music terminology, and keyboard fingering. My son really looked forward to music class (several days beforehand) and the experience has lead him to express a keen interest to learn piano, which he wants to undertake with Yoon, because he feels very comfortable with her and she made learning so enjoyable. I would recommend Muscial Explorers to anyone with young children. The program recognizes how critical movement is to learning and making connections between concepts at that age.
Jennifer, mom to Declan, five years old

Children dancing=Child with castanets

My son loved the musical instruments and singing as well as the opportunity to dance and move his body. Because of the way the teachers would gently transition the children between activities with a (very cute) song, he never had a hard time moving on to the new activity and giving up an instrument. It's hard to take a new object from a toddler (particularly my toddler!), but because of the way the class was structured, he would gladly give up his drum or shaker and felt pride in being part of the process. Besides learning music and working on his motor skills, he practiced really important social skills. We had a wonderful experience at Junior Musical Explorers and highly recommend it to any parent or caregiver looking for a music class for their child.
Kristine, mom to Owen, almost two years old

Our daughter Mia loves her music classes. She has been in the Junior Musical Explorers since she was one and a half, and is about to transition to Musical Explorers. She comes home singing songs and asks for music in her room all the time. She has learned a lot about rhythm and can sing loud and soft, fast and slow. Her musical toys are getting a lot of use, and we play them together.
The teachers are good -- it is clear that they truly enjoy their students, and have a real commitment to bringing music and musical awareness into children's lives. You could not ask for a better class, for a mix of fun and real learning! I highly recommend it.
Karen, mom to Mia, almost three years old

Girl with nannyTeacher with child on drums=

Musical Explorers was the best possible first class for our daughter! With gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement, Yoon provides a structured yet flexible environment where children learn to follow group activities and pick up musical fundamentals in a fun and natural way. Our daughter will be so ready for preschool and, eventually, music lessons as a result of her very happy experience with this course.
Claudia, mom to Corrina, almost two years old

Musical Explorers introduced my son to actual musical terms. The talent, training and professionalism of the Musical Explorers staff is what sets M.E. apart from other early music programs. At four, my child was able to bond with the warm, gifted teachers so the transition to private piano lessons with an M.E. instructor at age five was a breeze.
Maria, mom to Theodore and William, six years old and three years old